susan; angry, and half in love with you, and tremendously sorry, i turned away.





hello everyone :-) i made a spring ff a couple months back but ive followed and made friends with more people!! so here we go!!

italics are my favs obviously!!

best friends 4 ever probably:

karley aka groovyhomou are so cool ily so much i dont think u understand like ur so funny and nice and u have cool taste in princesses and u always have such cool hair and ur hot as hell man ur just so great ok

anna aka zaynskissiesu are suCH cool ass friend wtf i cant believe weve known eachother since 2012 wow you always have such interesting opinions for your views on things and i admire how u dont take shit from anyone ur so cool i love u 

debbie aka niallkiniwe actually just started talkin a couple weeks back!!! :-) you are such a sweetheart and youre so nice and i love how you challenge yourself to reach goals even if u doubt urself sometimes and youre just a great person ok i love u to the moon n back

jan aka letmelarryyouwhere do i begin with u smh u are so nice to everyone  u meet and i still cant believe u made larry phonecases while we skyped omg and u are so pretty i get so envious sometimes tbH and ur the first person that i wont talk about harry with ok u get way too intense and you’d probably be on an episode of wwa if someone said somethin bad about harry ily


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caramelfringe polaroidlouis spankingkink gothdirection mclouvin

i hope you all have an amazing summer!! :-) enjoy it before school starts again!! xx


Anonymous asked:
what's happening? I was out for about a week! :(

*announcer voice*

  • you & i fragrance video is released
  • jay’s wedding (everyone looked good, harry’s tits were out, also had a condom in his pocket, louis appears to have pantie lines, zayn’s absence deemed inexcusable)
  • harry is a poetic soul; spotted carrying a copy of charles bukowski
  • louis @ mercedes car show modeling/driving luxurious vehicles
  • july 23 marks the 4th anniversary of the boys’ journey
  • doncaster rovers contract did not go as planned and louis is dropped from the co-ownership
  • fan stalks harry for 2 days ends up with him pulling over and yelling for her to stop following him, results in a follow from harry on twitter and a dm’d apology
  • zayn’s instagram is now public
  • when asked if he and eleanor are engaged, louis denies… 3 times

Anonymous asked:
hi susan :) this probably comes off as creepy, but i just wanted to thank you for helping me. with like, everything. your fic recs save my day, your tags make me smile and your whole blog just makes me feel a whole lot better about myself. thank you, even if you don't know who i am. sometimes i get so sad it get's hard to breathe, then i go on your blog and the world seems a little brighter. you're honestly so great. keep doing what you do, it does help people. i love you, and thank you.

this is the most heartfelt message i’ve ever gotten omg this made me day thank u thank u 

Happy 4th Anniversary One Direction - July 23, 2010 to 2014


And I could do this forever. And let’s go crazy together.

@AnnieFradg: It doesn’t seem like 4 years ago @Harry_Styles @charlholland09 #4YearsOfOneDirection 
@MattLonsdale: no it’s been 4 years but this feels like a lifetime ago.. @Harry_Styles

@AnnieFradg: It doesn’t seem like 4 years ago @Harry_Styles @charlholland09 #4YearsOfOneDirection 

@MattLonsdale: no it’s been 4 years but this feels like a lifetime ago.. @Harry_Styles

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